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Air Quality and Fire Threat6-1 Jan

Air Quality and Fire Threat

The ACT is currently experiencing some extreme weather conditions and poor air quality and Sharing Places is very mindful of everyone’s safety during this time. A State of Alert has been declared for the Territory by the ACT Government. It’s great to know that the ACT Emergency Services Agency are being very vigilant in their efforts to be prepared for any emergencies and are supporting Territorians to be prepared as well. More information on what the State of Alert for the ACT means can be obtained here

Sharing Places is going ahead with business as usual during this time but we will be monitoring the conditions on a daily basis, and we encourage you all to do the same. With weather conditions and air quality changing quickly, we will endeavour to respond quickly to those changing conditions. We will be limiting outdoor activities during times of extreme heat or poor air quality, but if you have any concerns please contact the Team/Program Coordinator to discuss options for your loved ones – the more information we have the better we can support participants.
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